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Dry Fruits

  • Almond (Badam)

    बादाम में कई पोषक तत्‍व होते हैं। इसमें प्रोटीन, मैगनीज, कॉपर, राइबोफ्ल...

  • Apricot Dried (Khumani)

    Dried apricots are obtained from drying the fruit. This includes a drying process that evaporates the water content of the fruits without harming or reducing the nutritive value of the dr...

  • Cashew Nut (Kaju)

    It has lots of minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and etc required for the healthy growth and development of the bones among kids, women and men.Good magnesium level in the body...

  • Chestnut (Shahablut)

    Roasting chestnut is particularly popular, but chestnuts are also commonly candied, boiled, pureed, ground into flour for bread making, grilled, steamed, and deep-fried, among many other ...

Pooja Samagri

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